Financial Consulting

Using our easy-to-use patented software (The Max Program) will allow you to manage your operation like never before!


You will be constantly up-to-date on your cost of production allowing you to make better marketing and spending decisions.

Start being proactive instead of reactive on your grain sales and net worth changes!

No more boring accounting reports! You are also able to drill down into your spending history and compare those actual numbers with a budgeted cashflow with ease. Yes, you can still print the monthly and or year-to-date accounting reports for your CPA when needed.

All of your financial information is integrated in one place in order to make the best decisions possible.

Your information can easily be shared with your banking, accounting, investing, and marketing professionals if needed.

Manage not only your farm but also any other business you may have with the same software.

We have financial consultants available to advise you through any situation you may have while using this software.

Customizable!  - You have options.  Some of which include:

  • Imputing/downloading the bank statements can be done by you, family members, your CPA, or us.
  • Go over you information with our consultants as often as you want. – Although we recommend doing this monthly!
  • On site farm visits and meetings with your other professionals are available.

Below are just some of the features available in our software:

  • Budgets
  • Customizable Budget vs Actual Notifications
  • Per Farm Planning
  • Per Farm Profit w/Shock
  • Per Farm Applied Checklist 
  • Per Acre Costs
  • Breakeven per Bu, Acre and in Total 
  • Balance Sheet with Schedules
  • Grain Inventories and Marketing
  • Shock Tool
  • Separate Business(es) Planning and Accounting 
  • Cash Rent Calculator 
  • Which Crop to Plant Tool
  • Insurance Payment Calculators
  • Adding Acres Tool
  • Accounting System 
  • Real Time Transaction Drilldown 
  • Comments
  • Matrix
  • Dynamic Loan Calculator 
  • Loan Balance Reporting
  • Pretax Reporting
  • Benchmarking

If this sounds interesting ask for a free demo today!

See how adding additional acres can change your financial position here:

Financial Consulting

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