Agronomy Program


The Ag Performance Agronomy program is designed to help farmers reach their maximum Net Return.   By increasing soil fertility, keeping the plants healthy, and offering cost-effective agronomic recommendations we can maximize your yield potential and protect your break-even.

By looking at soil sample grids of an area, we can examine the nutrients present and available to the plants.  From a starting point such as this, we will make recommendations on the amounts and types of fertilizers needed in each area.

We are using cutting-edge technology to bring you a digital history of your fields.  We store and analyze your soil samples, recommendation maps, as spread maps, and yield information.


We will work with you to create a complete fertility recommendation report that gives recommendations on the proper products, amounts, & timeframes to use per farm.

Ag Performance provides their customers with low-cost inputs.  By supplying farmers with quality name brand and generic chemicals and fertilizers, we can reduce your expenses and increase your overall profit.


Agronomy Program

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