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  • Contains Nitrogen fixers up to 50 lbs./acre/application

  • Contains a large range of beneficial bacteria

  • Provides vitamins B, E, and C

  • Contains organisms that provide protection against disease

  • Azobacters control Fusarium, Rhyzoctonia, Diplodia, and Aspergillus

  • Suitable for conventional or organic production

NutriFoliar Plus fixes Nitrogen on the leaf of the corn plant while supplying vitamins B, C, and E. B Vitamins are well-known growth factors. Foliar Nitrogen fixation has never been available before, so this represents a major breakthrough in plant feeding. One application will fix 50 lbs. of Nitrogen/acre and lasts from 30 - 40 days.

Application Rates & Instructions

  • 8.8 oz/acre foliar feed + 24 oz EnerG Plus in 8 to 15 gallons of water

  • Application timing

    • For 50 lbs. (1 application): Apply on August 10th

    • For 100 lbs. (2 applications): Apply 30 days apart; 1st application on July 10th and 2nd application on August 10th

See the Results!

Bioplin.Nutrifoliar Flyer 1.20.23 w yield.png

Bioplin Plus and NutriFoliar Plus can reduce fertilizer cost on both conventional and organic acres. This field is located near Buffalo Center, IA. We were able to maintain the same level of plant health while reducing input cost by $56/Acre!

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