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Customer Testimonials

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September 2022 
Watch Ag Performance dealer compare 4 fields, each with different fungicide applications. Look how much healthier the Xylem Plus treated field is!

August 2022 - submission from Presho, SD
Untreated corn-on-corn vs. Xylem Plus treated corn-on-corn

August 2022

Comparison of fields in Shelby County, IL

Xylem Plus treated
vs. untreated

August 2022

These plants were collected from a customer's field of AP1150 in Montgomery County, IA.

Notice the difference in plant health on the Xylem Plus treated stalks! 

Alfalfa w caption.jpg

These stalks were split on 7/21/22 near Presho, SD. Look at the difference in plant health on the stalk treated with Xylem Plus (left) vs. the untreated (right).

Xylem Presho 7.21.22c.jpg

The discoloration at the root on the untreated plant is caused by stalk rot. Xylem Plus keeps plants disease-free and allows better nutrient flow late into the growing season.

September 2021
Photos submitted from a customer near Northwood, IA. The field on the left was treated in-furrow with a competitor's product, while the field on the right was treated with Xylem Plus.

Xylem vs untreated field Halvorson.png

Xylem Plus applied in-furrow helps kick-start seedlings by allowing better nutrient flow. 

Xylem vs. no treatment corn.jpg
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