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One of the most exciting new products we introduced recently was Xylem Plus.  For the last three years we have been putting Xylem Plus and EnerG Plus in-furrow with our starter in our test plots in IA, MN, and SD.  Our customer base noticed more green plants late in the season versus the fields surrounding the test plots.  The plots also looked much healthier up to the time the plants died off due to frost.  The Xylem Plus and EnerG Plus actually kept the crown root and stalk clean from any Fusarium or Stalk Rot which keeps the plant alive, warding off early die off.  This adds more yield and test weight late in the season.  The product is best put in-furrow, but also may be done at V5-V8 or at tasseling.  For the first time in my life my corn yielded over 250 bushels per acre on all my tillable acres.  I believe the biggest reason was due to the 16oz of Xylem Plus and 16oz of EnerG Plus keeping the plant alive much longer.  The plant was able to get nutrients into the ear throughout the life cycle of the plant.  This investment was only $10/acre and results in an increase of 15-20 more bushels per acre.  We also saw that the stalk and crown root were much lighter in color than those in the untreated fields.  This proved that the Fusarium and Stalk Rot were eliminated in the plots with Xylem Plus and EnerG Plus.  I would suggest every producer that raises corn should use both Xylem Plus and EnerG Plus.



Another exciting area of notice with the Xylem Plus and EnerG Plus is in soybeans.  A customer of ours in Delavan, MN has had problems with white mold in his soybeans.  For the last two years he used Xylem Plus and EnerG Plus in-furrow on his soybeans to find that it eliminated the white mold problems in all his fields.  In 2019, he was the only famer in his entire neighborhood that DID NOT have problems with white mold and early death in his soybeans due to white mold.  Xylem Plus will help keep white mold, sudden-death, and phytophthora out of soybeans.  Again, the best way to eliminate these diseases is by using in-furrow treatment or at R1 stage.  You may use other product nutrients with Xylem Plus and EnerG Plus to help drive the products into the tissues of the plant.

-Dan Yegge 

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Xylem Plus+EnerG Plus are on the right in-furrow and nothing is in-furrow on the left. Tops are breaking out and leaning in the higher stress areas on the left.

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