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  • Suitable for organic production

  • Reduces weed pressure when applied at early pre-emergence + V4-V5

  • Produces aztobacters on leaves which make Nitrogen for the plant

  • Yields typically increase 3-7 bushels on corn, 2-5 bushels on soybeans

  • Enhances germination, emergence and rapid root growth

  • Contains micronutrients to help make essential plant nutrients more available to the plant

  • Loosens up the soil to improve tillage, drainage, and aeration

  • Helps overcome negative effects of glyphosate, especially reducing Fusarium, and untying manganese in the soil

  • Triggers natural plant defense mechanisms 

  • Helps reduce plant stresses from drought, insects, and disease pressure

  • Helps breakdown crop residues

  • Long-term soil benefits of increased microbial activity, soil biology, and reduction of nematode population within 120 days

  • Reduces salt buildup and chemical carryover

Application Rates & Instructions

  • Corn - 24 oz/acre (in furrow, pre-emergence, V4-V5 or at tasseling)

  • Soybeans - 24 oz/acre (in furrow, pre-emergence, or V4-V5)

  • All applications include 15 gallons of water and 1 quart of liquid sugar

  • Always use with NutriSoil Plus, NutriFoliar Plus, NutriTech Plus, or NutriGro. 

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