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At Ag Performance, our concept is profitability of the farmer and his/her operation, plain and simple! Over and over again, we find that farmers are purchasing products that are not needed. Through careful examination of soil or tissue samples, we can analyze the data and assist you in getting the nutrients your growing crop needs by activating what is already in your soil and applying what is needed additionally. Many supplies are anxious to sell you the typical fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These macro nutrients are essential to the health and well-being of your crop, but micro nutrients are also vital to plant health. By making the correct balance of macro and micro nutrients available, your plants will be able to reach their maximum yield potential.

Ag Performance was founded in January, 1999 by Dan and Pam Yegge to advance the profitability of farmers in Americas' Heartland. Currently farming in North Central Iowa, we have a unique link to the farming industry that other companies don't have.

With both working in the Ag sector for several years, we have gained the knowledge needed to develop our vision of a company created for the advancement of each and every farmer. Together we created the MAX Program which has a U.S. Patent. Using the MAX Program, we have the ability to provide all the knowledge you need to increase your net return each year as well as determine the most beneficial plan and level of crop insurance needed to protect your investment.

With Ag Performance we can custom design the services that fit your individual needs. In addition to our MAX and Crop insurance services we also offer a full line of innovative products including our very own conventional seed hybrids through our Agronomy division that are specifically selected for each individual based on your needs.


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