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Our concept is the profitability of the farmer and his/her operation, plain and simple! Over and over again, we find that farmers are purchasing products that are not needed. Through careful examination of soil or tissue samples, we can analyze the data and assist you in getting the nutrients your growing crop needs by activating what is already in your soil and applying what is needed additionally. Many supplies are anxious to sell you the typical fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These macro nutrients are essential to the health and well-being of your crop, but micro nutrients are also vital to plant health. By making the correct balance of macro and micro nutrients available, your plants will be able to reach their maximum yield potential.

2021-2022 Seed Guide

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Photos from Central IL. the week of 8/30, a side by side comparison...

RIGHT - Alternative fungicide used before tasseling, NO Xylem Plus used

LEFT - The same field treated with Xylem Plus and Nitrogen 2x2 with the planter

Notice the stalk and crown root in both photos, very little stalk rot if any at all in the Xylem Plus treated stalk

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