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Systemic fungicide that moves throughout the plant and lasts up to 60 days.

Controls the following soil-borne diseases:

  • Pythium

  • Stalk Rot

  • Fusarium

  • Anthracnose

  • Phytophthora

  • and more...

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What makes Xylem Plus different?

Xylem Plus works through the stalk of the plant to offer protection against root-borne diseases. Stronger roots mean increased overall plant health, better standability and higher yield.

Check out the results from Iowa State University's Tar Spot Trial

Check out the results below from Iowa State University's Tar Spot Trial-
As expected, Xylem Plus did not stop Tar Spot (a leaf disease). Even with leaf disease present, Xylem Plus kept the stalk healthy and boosted the yield in 4 different application methods on diseased fields. 


*Because Xylem Plus works through the stalk, we recommend pairing it with a    leaf-focused fungicide if you struggle with diseases such as Tar Spot.

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