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Ag Performance's Indigo is an all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable pit treatment.  This products is easy to handle and has a long shelf life.  Indigo is a very cost effective method to increase the efficiency of waste treatment.


  • Increases healthy microbial activity in biological waste

  • Breaks down solids in pits and lagoons

  • Significantly reduces odors

  • Reduces the ammonium gas release

  • Reduces flies in the barns

  • Increases the NPK in 4000 gallons  of treatment at $49.57 fertilizer value per acre at a cost of $3.60/acre for Indigo treatment.   Please look at the Comparison Data below.

How Applied and Rates

  • Treat 15-20 gallons per 1 million gallons of manure in one  year

  • Pour into as many pit fans as possible to cover more surface area within the pit or lagoon

  • Best to treat when pits and lagoons are at lowest levels each year

Indigo Data:

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