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Ag Performance was founded in January 1999 by Dan and Pam Yegge to advance the profitability of farmers in America's Heartland. While growing Ag Performance across the Midwest, our family continues to farm in North Central Iowa. This gives us a unique link to the farming industry that other companies don't have.

Having spent our lives in agriculture, we developed a company created for the advancement of each and every farmer. We created the patented MAX Program to provide all the knowledge you need to increase your net return. The MAX Program will also help determine the most beneficial marketing plan and level of crop insurance needed to protect your investment.

Many years of financial consulting helped us to discover weaknesses in farmers cash flows. We then utilized that knowledge to develop alternative product uses that enabled higher profit margins. For example, we discovered an inexpensive way to protect conventional corn from corn borer and rootworm. This resulted in higher net returns when compared to biotech corn. We also have a new product that will protect hybrids from fusarium and stalk rot throughout the plant. There are very few of these type of products on the market today.

Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss how we can be of service to you and your farming operation.

Best Regards,

Dan & Pam Yegge

Our Mission

At Ag Performance, our mission is to partner with farmers to benefit their farming operations. We strive to offer growers innovative financial and agronomic services to manage risk while maximizing their profitability.

Growers are essential to the Midwest, the United States and the world economies.  Farming can be very rewarding both personally and financially but it also comes with risk.  We understand the financial impact and importance of nutritionally balanced soils, purchasing inputs at reasonable costs, the selection of high yielding hybrids and the marketing of grain in a systematic format. 


We take pride in offering our business concepts and production experience to our partners to maximize rewards and minimize risk.

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