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Ag Performance's local forty acre plot is located on the north side of our warehouse in Buffalo Center, IA.

It is regionally focused and each year undergoes extensive research and testing to identify superior products that offer more net return to our customers. We also have numerous research plots throughout IA, MN, and SD for your viewing as well. Please contact a farmer dealer in your area to find the closest research plot.

We compare corn hybrids and soybean varieties as well as different in-furrow, foliar, and airplane applied treatments. Our plots have provided the research needed to successfully develop high-quality, top-of-the-line products for our customers. Year after year, the plot research proves the performance of these products and testing is completed to ensure they continue to perform. We continually learn what our customers' needs are and then can recommend the best product for their situation based on our research. With our plot results we an provide products with more yield and profitability for our farmers.

Dan, as well as our sales team, spend countless hours walking, observing, and learning what performs most effectively and what can be adjusted to receive the greatest results in your field. As is apparent this year, each growing season brings different challenges like excessive moisture, drought, chemical resistant weeds, and opportunistic insects to affect our crops.